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Leadership Skills for Law Enforcement & the Private Sector

“Hands-on, decisive, outspoken, a bit unorthodox and likely to show up in unexpected places.”

From “Man on a Mission,” Page 1, Houston Chronicle, June 4, 2017 

A History of Leadership.

As former president of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, Art Acevedo has 35+ years of law enforcement experience, including over 14 years as a police chief. 

His leadership philosophy is one of direct engagement and building relationships that endure… 

Whether surrounded by an at-times hostile crowd during the huge George Floyd protest in 2020… or up to his waist in rescue missions during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 … or as the nation’s foremost champion and practitioner of “Relational Policing.” 

“In the six months since taking charge, the fast-talking former Austin police chief has set a furious pace overhauling a frayed department struggling with slowing response times, aging equipment, a dwindling corps of officers and growing pressure nationwide over law enforcement’s use of force.” 

From “Man on a Mission,” Page 1, Houston Chronicle, June 4, 2017 

A Future of Leadership.

The wisdom of Acevedo’s leadership is rooted in on-the-street, citizen experience. Like all cops, he meets citizens where they are… during what may well be the worst moments in their lives. This interaction is usually brief. But such moments are anything but ordinary. It is from these moments that stories of unexpected kindness and heroism are made. These stories become force multipliers building community trust and collaboration. 

Now all the real-world lessons Chief Acevedo has learned about everything from conflict de-escalation and building a culture of accountability… to crisis communications and servant leadership… are being applied in a new realm: in support of law enforcement organizations and leading private-sector companies around the globe.  

Discover for yourself why Leadership is The Acevedo Advantage.

“Chief Art Acevedo walked directly into a crowd of angry, yelling, screaming people, raised his right arm, and stated, “Hang on to Hope!” Sure, our department was in “full-ready” position and prepared for a long assignment. But we witnessed a response during the most critical time in history. A passionate police chief was staring this crisis straight in the eye and daring it to flinch…

I do not know if this form of crisis leadership during a large demonstration could work for all leaders. But, in this place and time, Art Acevedo was that shining star and beacon of light during this moment in history.”

From a Houston PD Homicide Detective’s paper for Master’s Program, October 2021 

The Advantage Is Now Yours. 

The Acevedo Leadership Advantage Group offers:

Strategic Consulting and Networking for Companies and Organizations of All Types

Guidance for Building a Relational Policing Culture

Crisis Management/Crisis Communications

Leadership Development and Training, drawing upon “Servant Leadership.”

Public Speaking To Motivate and Inspire

Media Relations Consulting

Expert Critical Incident/Organizational Review

Policy Review and Customization

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